Show your Artwork 🎨

I didn't have one in mind :wink:

How would you categorize it?

for me i would say it was dark. not up lifting. not sure what you would call it?

edit !
but art is subjective


Thanks for the tip, probably out of old habit :slight_smile:

For me it's too driving (exhausting, stirring), but for a longer chase / hunt in a film very good to use.


... Why are you using NoScript? Usually people use UBlock Origin or UMatrix (if you are a hardcore user). NoScript doesn't perform as well anymore as it used to. It's more or less broken or useless now

Your NoScript seems to block media playback via the Built-In media player.

It's probably only the beginning, but I can say that much: I'm a sucker for synthpop and similars. That's probably the direction my projects are going to steer into

Meaning: More of that xD

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I tried again today :slight_smile:

Pitch bend

(Ooo? Proper embeds?)




Remix of the remix :smiley:

For the dark dragon lovers :slight_smile:


Mill by night


I'd reduce the pad synth by -3dB and give the lead (seems to be a hammond organ) a bit of a compression on the mid and low section :slight_smile:
I like the rhythm and the use of a progressive path into the song. :+1:t3:


Thanks for your feedback, but I'm still pretty much a beginner, so I need to figure out what I can do. (I have not experimented with effects yet; like at all)

My current setup is just horrible (Recording via the mic ports, having massive ground loop problems)

I'll probably get this all sorted out soon!

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Sure, I'm glad if it helps.

Like I'm a beginner in:

  • blender (and art)
  • piano (currently fighting with sheet notes LOL)
  • Video editing

We have to start some day :slight_smile:
Keep it up! (bad setups might make you a great artist, keep that in mind :wink: )

Original image

Updated image:

It's not going to wind up in National Geographic, but not bad for a local bird. :camera:

I was checking out at the grocery store and the clerk, spotting my camera, asked if I had taken any good pictures today. I said I'm not sure, but I did snap a couple shots of the crane down by the river.

She replied, "Oh, where are they doing construction now?" :rofl: :building_construction:


This is really beautiful. Only remark I have is that the contrast is a little too high, the reflection steals attention away from the crane, but that could just be me. I really do love the shot.

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Thank you! :blush: I think you are right, the contrast really got away from me. The reflection...I might be stuck with that, I'm only a beginner at Darktable and when I start messing around with parametric masks my images usually start looking a little...wacky! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I will take another pass at it today though and if it looks any better I'll edit in the updated image. :slightly_smiling_face:


I dialed back the contrast quite a bit and I applied two parametric masks (one for exposure, one for highlights) to try to take the curse off the reflection in the water. I can't really make the masks more aggressive without getting some artifacting, but I think just taking the edge off helps. The updated image is above.

I appreciate the feedback, this one was worth a re-do! :blush:

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That's a really nice shot!

Similarly, blue herons nest around my area on their migration. There's a big political uproar in our town about some developer destroying the rookery. It's quite upsetting. There are always great pictures that float around on social media that time of year. They are lovely to see.

Keep taking those pics! :smiley:


I can see you have talent in this. I really hope you keep at it, and keep honing your skills. Keep up the great work and hope to see more from you in the future.

R.E.D. :wink: