Show me your conky setup including the configuration files. πŸ–Œ

I'd like to see your conky setup to get ideas on how to "pimp it up", as I'm using the standard setup :slight_smile:


Quite good idea. Not using it right now because I dont like the default one but if there is a nice one.. Keep it coming :smiley:

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Move to home folder and enter .config and again move into .conky there you can see

or via terminal

cd /home/γ€Šusername》/.config/.conky/*

View the file where you can see there code


One point to much :wink:


A work in progress :blush:


I show conky of @SGS in some post. And it is very well organized.


Sorry, but I forgot to remove my IP in the earlier post, so I had to take it down.


I'd like to see that!

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This conky is also really nice in look...

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This one is pretty nice, lets see how it looks on my setup :smiley: (if you want to share the code ofc)


Of course, my man!

See under :sunglasses:

EDIT: be sure to edit/download the fonts if you do not have them installed already :wink:


Here's the full desktop (still not finished personalising conky, though :sweat_smile:)


I thought I would toss a conky or 2 in here - the first is a representative one that I've had (read refined) for years - and the second is a 'proof of concept' (read - a quicky) weather display - that doesn't use any tricky libraries to operate (not even lua!).

and number 2

I am happy to share code snippets from either where practical ( the first one uses a lot of lua from a specialist library you would need to install to make use of) - and I could post the entire code from the second one if anyone is interested - but it does involve a bit of setup too (a directory of images, a couple of 5-line scripts) so only if you actually want it to build from! Let me know...


Whwoa... that Conky is intense.



Well - it keeps getting 'refined' as we go - and it has to fill a 2160 px vertical screen! The middle section changes most - has been clocks, weather, news scrollers, graphs - whatever crosses my mind!

As I mentioned, any item I have that someone wants to see how it works - it's available. Only a problem if it calls a lua library you don't have... :grin:

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These are very impressive! I would love to see what that file looks like!

You're after the weather one, right? What resolution do you use (I have it for my 3840x2160 - and probably for 1920x1080 as well. It requires a 'key' from (free) so you need that before it will work...

Edit: corrected link

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that's the one :wink:

4K or HD only? Can package it up either way - though on-screen positioning will be on you :grin: Let me know...

HD my laptop is 1900x1080