Shifting From SSD to HDD

I want to shift my whole Garuda OS from my SSD to HDD. How should I do it?

use clonezilla


Remember it will be very slow could be over a min to startup if on a 5,400 rpm HDD.


May I know why? Why have you chosen death(slowness) for your friend garuda?


I don't have a alot of SSD. I was also thinking of keeping the boot part in a SSD and the rest of the parts in HDD.

Unless Garuda alone leaves absolutely no space to work with on the SSD, I would leave it right there and just use the HDD for storage.


How large is it, and are you dual-booting with anything?

Yes! Install Garuda on the SSD and your data on the HDD. Operating systems like to be fast but data I/O speed on a spinner (what RPM?) aren’t that important, especially if you use btrfs for the filesystem and the compress feature.

So install Garuda on the SSD using the erase all option. You probably don’t need the Hibernate option unless you’re on a laptop. After you are done installing Garuda on the SSD and rebooted, format the HDD in BTRFS, install and use gnome-disk-utility (better yet, use the proper command to assign a UUID), copy that UUID into fstab, using the same settings as the upper ones, except for the SSD part at the end. It will look something like this:

UUID=2627a22f-7524-44f-a8f9-6a7252c5789 /data btrfs defaults, noatime,space_cache,autodefrag,compress=zstd 0 2


Then Symlink your data directories on the HDD to your OS home directory on the SSD, and Bob’s your uncle.

That’s the gist of it. And do your own research to ensure your fstab settings are correct.

EDIT: Removed “commit=120” from fstab line to conform to current Garuda fstab settings. YMMV.

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I would say buy a new one. It will cost you just $30 - $40 but its completely worth it, in general.

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Yeah I also use Windows alongside with Garuda

There's now 12 step programs to get that monkey off your back. :monkey:


Yuck. Then install it in a small partition on a far, far corner of the HDD. It deserves even less.


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