Shifting From Manjaro to Garuda

Hello All,

Im thinking to shift from Manjaro to Garuda just wanted few information how is KDE with garuda is it stable or there is bugs, and from experience which Desktop environment is better with garuda


All KDE implementations have bugs, as far as I'm aware. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I have not seen bugs related to Garuda KDE implementation, so they may be quite minor.
KDE implementation will have bugs, but it's not Garuda's fault.

Garuda KDE is very stable providing you have good hardware.


All desktops have bugs. If they didn't, there wouldn't be a litany of bug reports on each. I would say, with concerns to Arch and KDE, they are pretty much the same across most distributions......accept for Manjaro.

Manjaro ...and consequently KDE, is likely to have more bugs than any other distro's version because of the way they hold back packages for testing (witchcraft!), thus skewing the natural order and synergy of the Arch/Aur repos.


I was always a distro hopper until Garuda . I even left manjaro kde before I came here. The bugs are few with Garuda and the amazing staff don't just help, but they help you learn how. It's family here. You will not be disappointed.




i just came from manjaro. i didn't get the memo about using the aur when manjaro holds packages back for testing. you might already know this but it caused a lot of trouble for me. went to deb with fedora and thought id have a great exp. It went really bad had all kinds of trouble just trying to get the dang thing to boot properly much less install the os properly. I tried for several days to get it to work right then for seemingly no reason it worked right and installed on the 3rd day..... didn't leave a great taste in my mouth about stability. I basically decided that gnome wasn't for me even though its pretty cool, just not my style. So I installed this hoping it was going to be better then manjaro, and so far its pretty freaking rock solid. installing apps takes some getting used to but i like the look and how it works now that im used to it. Ive had no issues with normal boot or daily driving . I'm just flat out amazed that its so rock solid of an os compared to the metric crap ton of issues i had with fedora.


Never mind :wink: :slight_smile:



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