Shell aliases fixes

long time linuc user (bsd before that even). i like the idea, execution effort muight be spread a little thin - pick a few bases instead. i dont want this project to go under. like become the goto qt, i3, and qtile distro or siomething you all like.

that was not what i was meaning to post about though, below was:

some of the shell stuff looks dodgy, like the 'l.' alias in fish on dragonized that does exa piped to egreo.

exa -a | egrep '^\.'

that poor, never used fish much but exa -ad .* would seem to be more canonical. this is just one example. is there a place to submit changes? the issue pages were empty


Welcome :slight_smile:

BTW; my translation program has problems with your text.

You can suggest improvements in GitLab or here.



If he used a language tool

maybe then my translator has no problems :wink:

I don't think the translation software is the issue. The original post has quite a few typos and grammatically ambiguous sentences, which any translation software will struggle to interpret.

I agree this one is a little dusty. We are overdue to stop using egrep altogether, anyway; it is depreciated, and just nags you to switch to grep -E if you run it. It's Past Time To Stop Using egrep & fgrep Commands, Per GNU grep 3.8 - Phoronix

I think exa -ald --color=always --group-directories-first --icons .* would be better, and would provide some consistency with the formatting the other ls aliases provide.


Make a pull request or submit the change yourself, let's see where it goes!


sorry my fault not yours.

i have a broken arm and have to use a combination of voice recognition and one hand typing . i'll try to catch more errors next time.

where? that was my question. the git lab repo seemed dead with no issues or prs.