Share your favorite music player

Hello Garuda users :slight_smile:
A fellow garudian here, for a very long time I have been using Foobar with the help of wine and I am looking for a more native alternative.
Could you share what is your favorite music player and recommend something I can use as a native alternative to foobar.

Thank you.

I have not used it yet, but looks like deadbeef is the most foobar2000-like.

mpv and vlc are excellent alternatives. They are available in the repos too, just pacman -S mpv or pacman -S vlc.

I prefer a purely music oriented player in favor of MPV and Vlc, not to mention that MPV is something I really respect but also envy in learning as commands and shortcuts to control.
I want to have a library where I can look at, navigate and easily edit the id3 tags, also a way to split cue files, see sound graphs etc.

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Lollypop is the best music player I ever used on Linux, it's customizable and has a pretty good UI. It's very stable.

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So many. I use Strawberry quite a bit. Not sure about foobar-like though.

Is it better than Clementine ?





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