Setxkbmap troubles

I have installed garuda on my laptop with the default keyboard layout that I use (us(dvorak)). Everything works well out of the box and I set out to customize to my workflow.
I originally used setxkbmap to enable the swapcaps and swap_alt_win options. I never got it to work reliably and after some trial and error nothing is working at all (I am unable to get setxkbmap or localectl to alter the behaviour of the keyboard mappings at all).
Some sources say that the x keyboard extension may be overridden by the software that the desktop environment uses so maybe there is another solution used by Garuda?
I find this unlikely as: 1. It worked sometimes and 2. I have used previous i3 installations on arch and ubuntu and used the xkeyboard extension to override the default keymaps.
If anyone has experienced this issue or knows what may be going on please let me know!

Have you tried


sudo pacman -Syu key-mapper-git

This app is supposed to map keys

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Thanks for the quick reply, I installed this software and it solved the issue after adding a call to key-mapper-git in my i3 config, but now the keyboard layout is wrong (It has reverted back to qwerty)

You can choose between keycodes (location) and keysyms (symbol):

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