Setup for my Canon Pixma MG3650

I am new to this build and need some assistance setting up my printer.

I have it plugged in via usb and it is not recognizing the driver automatically. I have downloaded the driver from the canon website but am so lost trying to install the package.

can someone walk me through the process by chance?

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can you provide your


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It will help us to help you :smiley:


In terminal

paru canon-pixma-mg3000-complete

q + Enter + y + Enter

Only as last way, first check the Chaotic-AUR, AUR.


it is asking which package to install
1 aur/canon-pixma-mg3000-complete 5.40-1 [+0 ~0.00]
Complete stand alone driver set (printing and scanning) for Canon Pixma MG3000 series
:: Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3):


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Do i type 1? i am lost ahhh

Yes or enter.

Kernel: 6.5.3-zen1-1-zen arch: x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 13.2.1
clocksource: tsc available: acpi_pm
parameters: BOOT_IMAGE=/@/boot/vmlinuz-linux-zen
root=UUID=d4c0dcbf-2998-4eaf-998e-6368eac8d636 rw rootflags=subvol=@
quiet quiet rd.udev.log_priority=3 vt.global_cursor_default=0 loglevel=3
Desktop: KDE Plasma v: 5.27.8 tk: Qt v: 5.15.10 wm: kwin_x11 vt: 2
dm: SDDM Distro: Garuda Linux base: Arch Linux
Type: Laptop System: ASUSTeK product: VivoBook_ASUSLaptop X515EAU_R565EA
v: 1.0 serial: <superuser required>
Mobo: ASUSTeK model: X515EAU v: 1.0 serial: <superuser required>
UEFI: American Megatrends LLC. v: X515EAU.302 date: 08/13/2021
ID-1: BAT0 charge: 31.1 Wh (100.0%) condition: 31.1/37.1 Wh (83.9%)
volts: 7.8 min: 7.8 model: ASUSTeK ASUS Battery type: Li-ion serial: N/A
status: not charging cycles: 176
Info: model: 11th Gen Intel Core i3-1115G4 bits: 64 type: MT MCP
arch: Tiger Lake gen: core 11 level: v4 note: check built: 2020
process: Intel 10nm family: 6 model-id: 0x8C (140) stepping: 1
microcode: 0xAC
Topology: cpus: 1x cores: 2 tpc: 2 threads: 4 smt: enabled cache:
L1: 160 KiB desc: d-2x48 KiB; i-2x32 KiB L2: 2.5 MiB desc: 2x1.2 MiB
L3: 6 MiB desc: 1x6 MiB
Speed (MHz): avg: 1050 high: 1143 min/max: 400/4100 scaling:
driver: intel_pstate governor: powersave cores: 1: 1047 2: 1124 3: 889
4: 1143 bogomips: 23961
Flags: avx avx2 ht lm nx pae sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx
Vulnerabilities: <filter>
Device-1: Intel Tiger Lake-LP GT2 [UHD Graphics G4] vendor: ASUSTeK
driver: i915 v: kernel arch: Gen-12.1 process: Intel 10nm built: 2020-21
ports: active: eDP-1 empty: DP-1,HDMI-A-1 bus-ID: 0000:00:02.0
chip-ID: 8086:9a78 class-ID: 0300
Device-2: IMC Networks USB2.0 VGA UVC WebCam driver: uvcvideo type: USB
rev: 2.0 speed: 480 Mb/s lanes: 1 mode: 2.0 bus-ID: 1-3:2 chip-ID: 13d3:5a11
class-ID: 0e02
Display: x11 server: X.Org v: 21.1.8 with: Xwayland v: 23.2.0
compositor: kwin_x11 driver: X: loaded: modesetting
alternate: fbdev,intel,vesa dri: iris gpu: i915 display-ID: :0 screens: 1
Screen-1: 0 s-res: 1920x1080 s-dpi: 96 s-size: 508x285mm (20.00x11.22")
s-diag: 582mm (22.93")
Monitor-1: eDP-1 model: BOE Display 0x0946 built: 2020 res: 1920x1080
hz: 60 dpi: 142 gamma: 1.2 size: 344x194mm (13.54x7.64") diag: 395mm (15.5")
ratio: 16:9 modes: 1920x1080
API: OpenGL v: 4.6 Mesa 23.1.7-arch1.1 renderer: Mesa Intel UHD Graphics
(TGL GT2) direct-render: Yes
Device-1: Intel Tiger Lake-LP Smart Sound Audio vendor: ASUSTeK
driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel alternate: snd_sof_pci_intel_tgl
bus-ID: 0000:00:1f.3 chip-ID: 8086:a0c8 class-ID: 0403
API: ALSA v: k6.5.3-zen1-1-zen status: kernel-api tools: N/A
Server-1: PipeWire v: 0.3.80 status: active with: 1: pipewire-pulse
status: active 2: wireplumber status: active 3: pipewire-alsa type: plugin
4: pw-jack type: plugin tools: pactl,pw-cat,pw-cli,wpctl
Device-1: Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter
vendor: AzureWave driver: rtw_8821ce v: N/A modules: rtw88_8821ce port: 3000
bus-ID: 0000:02:00.0 chip-ID: 10ec:c821 class-ID: 0280
IF: wlo1 state: up mac: <filter>
Device-1: IMC Networks Bluetooth Radio driver: btusb v: 0.8 type: USB
rev: 1.1 speed: 12 Mb/s lanes: 1 mode: 1.1 bus-ID: 1-10:6 chip-ID: 13d3:3557
class-ID: e001 serial: <filter>
Report: btmgmt ID: hci0 rfk-id: 0 state: up address: <filter> bt-v: 4.2
lmp-v: 8 status: discoverable: no pairing: no class-ID: 7c010c
Hardware-1: Intel Volume Management Device NVMe RAID Controller driver: vmd
v: 0.6 port: N/A bus-ID: 0000:00:0e.0 chip-ID: 8086:9a0b rev: class-ID: 0104
Local Storage: total: 119.24 GiB used: 9.65 GiB (8.1%)
SMART Message: Unable to run smartctl. Root privileges required.
ID-1: /dev/nvme0n1 maj-min: 259:0 vendor: Foresee model: P900F128GH
size: 119.24 GiB block-size: physical: 512 B logical: 512 B speed: 15.8 Gb/s
lanes: 2 tech: SSD serial: <filter> fw-rev: V2.7.11H temp: 38.9 C
scheme: GPT
ID-1: / raw-size: 118.95 GiB size: 118.95 GiB (100.00%)
used: 9.65 GiB (8.1%) fs: btrfs dev: /dev/nvme0n1p2 maj-min: 259:2
ID-2: /boot/efi raw-size: 300 MiB size: 299.4 MiB (99.80%)
used: 576 KiB (0.2%) fs: vfat dev: /dev/nvme0n1p1 maj-min: 259:1
ID-3: /home raw-size: 118.95 GiB size: 118.95 GiB (100.00%)
used: 9.65 GiB (8.1%) fs: btrfs dev: /dev/nvme0n1p2 maj-min: 259:2
ID-4: /var/log raw-size: 118.95 GiB size: 118.95 GiB (100.00%)
used: 9.65 GiB (8.1%) fs: btrfs dev: /dev/nvme0n1p2 maj-min: 259:2
ID-5: /var/tmp raw-size: 118.95 GiB size: 118.95 GiB (100.00%)
used: 9.65 GiB (8.1%) fs: btrfs dev: /dev/nvme0n1p2 maj-min: 259:2
Kernel: swappiness: 133 (default 60) cache-pressure: 100 (default) zswap: no
ID-1: swap-1 type: zram size: 7.46 GiB used: 0 KiB (0.0%) priority: 100
comp: zstd avail: lzo,lzo-rle,lz4,lz4hc,842 max-streams: 4 dev: /dev/zram0
System Temperatures: cpu: 47.0 C mobo: N/A
Fan Speeds (rpm): cpu: 2400
Processes: 204 Uptime: 3h 17m wakeups: 2798 Memory: total: 8 GiB note: est.
available: 7.46 GiB used: 2.96 GiB (39.7%) Init: systemd v: 254
default: graphical tool: systemctl Compilers: gcc: 13.2.1 Packages:
pm: pacman pkgs: 1243 libs: 337 tools: octopi,paru pm: rpm pkgs: 0
Shell: fish v: 3.6.1 default: Bash v: 5.1.16 running-in: konsole
inxi: 3.3.29
Garuda (2.6.16-1):
System install date:     2023-09-19
Last full system update: 2023-09-21 ↻
Is partially upgraded:   No
Relevant software:       snapper NetworkManager dracut
Windows dual boot:       Probably (Run as root to verify)
Failed units:
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paru canon-pixma-mg3000-complete

it gave me this response but it is still not showing the printer. when i go to printers under settings it says printer service unavailable / bad file descriptor

paru canon-pixma-mg3000-complete

it gave me this response but it is still not showing the printer. when i go to printers under settings it says printer service unavailable / bad file descriptor

Repo (2) libpng12-1.2.59-2  gtk2-2.24.33-3
Aur (2) deb2targz-0.1-7  canon-pixma-mg3000-complete-5.40-1

:: Proceed to review? [Y/n]: y

:: Downloading PKGBUILDs...
PKGBUILDs up to date
# Maintainer: Joeran "chepaz" <mx-bounce at gmx dot de>
# Contributor: Michael "mbostwick" <mbostwick89 at gmail dot com>
# Contributor: Vasil Yonkov <bustervill at gmail dot com>

pkgdesc="convert a Debian Linux .deb file to a .tar.gz"
source=('' 'deb2targz-any-data.patch')


build() {
patch --follow-symlinks -i $srcdir/deb2targz-any-data.patch $srcdir/deb2targz

package() {
install -Dm755 deb2targz  $pkgdir/usr/bin/deb2targz

# vim:set ts=2 sw=2 et:


q + Enter + y + Enter

Press Q to exit the PKGBUILD

Sorry, I don’t follow what you’re doing etc…
Have you tried a reboot?
Do you need to start a service with systemctl?
Have you searched for the problem on the internet?

Post as text between three ~ in first and last line, output from

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@DarkStar89 , this is a requirement. Please adhere.

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