Settings: "when you open new tab switch to it" does nothing

When using this setting (3rd one):

It doesn’t do anything… it’s not major, but I’m expecting the new tabs to be the focus, and they’re not. Muscle memory leads me to open the same link 3-4 times before realizing they’re all just at the end of the queue :wink:

edit if I right click, open in new tab - it focuses. If I click a link that opens a new tab by itself, it does nothing.

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That’s probably the difference between that setting and the one in firedragon.cfg.

You can change that setting, after you find the right one, and copy it to your personal firedragon.overrides.cfg.

Take a look at some possibilities.

These are not Firedragon specific, they are all Firefox.

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TY! That possibilities showed the exact config setting for it.

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