Server upgrades likely on the way soon, thanks to an extremely generous donation!

Hi to all out there in Garuda land.

As mentioned in our recent release news, the distro has been waiting until we crossed the €2000 donation threshold so that the distro could invest in server upgrades. We figured this would still be a while yet at the current donation level. However, thanks to an extremely large donation from a single community member we have reached that goal much sooner than anticipated.

We appreciate every contribution no matter how small, but in this case I felt a big thank you and shout out from myself and the entire Garuda team was in order. We would like to thank and acknowledge @FGD's extremely generous donation of $1000 US towards the Garuda project. Hopefully this extra unexpected bump in funds will allow us to implement our long awaited server upgrades in the near future.

Again. many thanks to @FGD and all other community members who are helping the project to soar to new heights.

:hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


Absolute legend. Enough said.


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