Separate root and home

Hello, I want to ask something. Is it necessary to separate your root partition and home partition?

That is something which will get you different answer from nearly everyone you ask. Personally, I just separate my data from my OS and applications, but maintaining a data partition (and soft-linking the 'standard' directories to equivalents on the data drive. This takes care of the main reason for separation...

YMMV - and welcome to the freedom to make choices!


Btw, what is the size of your root partition?

I never make a separate home partition. I simply backup my config files in USB and mount my 2nd HDD in ~/data using fstab. Simple but effective. But everyone has their own way of doing things.

If I have to reinstall a distro, I have a shell script, which automatically updates, installs needed packages and copies config files and makes changes like set up my custom aliases. One shell script for MX, debian, KDE Neon and Endeavour OS each as those are my favourite distros.

Haven't had to reinstall Garuda yet. No breakage. :joy:


And here's me, who neither separate home partition nor backup data.:sweat_smile:
Most of my "important files" are on gitlab/ github. And a bit of personal data (around 140 gb) is in separate partition (around 200gb, ntfs) and I allocate around 50 gb partition for system.

This is working perfectly fine for me for years.


@Vico we don't know anything about your computer setup. Without that, it's impossible to make an informed reply.