Separate /boot partition on the to do list?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, apologies if it is not.

I was poking around the Garuda Linux Gitlab page and came across something that piqued my interest on the todo list written by @dr460nf1r3

  • Add /boot partition ?

I am curious to learn more about the thought behind using (or adding an option for?) a separate /boot partition.

One advantage for those using encryption is a cleaner (prettier) and quicker boot process, the tradeoff being /boot is not protected at rest.

That's exactly why the question mark is there :wink:

There are always many things to think about and what the consequences will be.

It is being discussed as an option also because grub isn't currently working properly with btrfs for allowing the selection of different default kernels. A separate boot partition in either ext2 or ext3 format will allow users to change the kernel that boots by default. However, this does complicate the partition layout which is not necessarily a good thing for inexperienced users.