Segmentation fault (core dumped) paleofetch

I'm facing segmentation fault during installation. please, Anyone help me. I have no idea about it

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Posting outputs & logs via the terminal:

Termbin allows users to post any required logs or outputs via the terminal. Termbin doesn't even require its own program, but it does require netcat to work. To use termbin gnu-netcat or openbsd-netcat must be installed.

Termbin is an open source terminal/netcat based pastebin type service. The life span for a single paste on Termbin is one month.

Outputs that may be helpful for you to post:

inxi -Fxxxza  | nc 9999
sudo dmesg | nc 9999
journalctl | grep - Ei "segmentation| error" | nc 9999
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc 9999


Welcome to Garuda.


Nice addition to ISOs!! Do you know it's included (gnu-netcat) or should I ping our devs?

openbsd-netcat in shared/Packages-Desktop-Common

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I asked them to include it a while back and I believe they did, but I'm not 100% sure if it's included in all ISO's. I believe openbsd-netcat was the version that was going to be included as the other version had some Python conflicts with other Python programs in common usage.

 [email protected] in ~ took 181ms
 λ cd Gitlab    

find -iname '*openbsd-netcat*'

Nope :frowning:


It is on my PC , who knows what installed them :wink:


You probably installed it yourself to test out termbin a while back when I brought it up. Us old guys the memory isn't exactly like it used to be. :wink:


Its in our iso profiles so it should be. :grin:


I tried the suggestion of Termin, creating an alias in bashrc.
It would be nice to have it in ISOs for installation issues :wink:
alias (user and root) or a script tb in /bin.


Good idea :slight_smile: Done, hope that is what you meant :smiley:
It still might be useful to create a script in /bin as we cant change root users bashrc?

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I don't think it's needed.
I was just thinking of the rare case of someone used su login, but most if not all cases are covered with default garuda user (and skel after installation).
Well done! :+1:


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