Security enabled installation

I've noticed that i got hacked during the installation of Garuda and other distros like Arch and Fedora. This is definately due to the fact that the installers themselves to not have any firewall protection enabled during the installation process. You guys need to block all incoming connections by default and have a firewall enabled once the installation process starts.

Its a damn shame that even Red Hat, Fedora and Arch also suffer from this.

Now I would like to know the following please: how exactly did you know you got "hacked"?


The user password i entered was changed. This happened to me when installing Fedora and Red Hat too. Trust me i always use the same boring password.

That's hardly a proof though. Any logs of malicious activities, incoming connections or other happenings?


Firewalls only block connections to running server processes, of which there are none by default, therefore you did not "get hacked" by this route.

If you do not trust your local network then you should look at that.

This implies you chose a different keyboard layout during installation than the one the installer was booted with.


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First of all, did you try installation without connecting to internet?

Secondly, I really don't think that someone would hack you again and again. He would complete his job in first attack itself. Otherwise, he would be the most unocuppied guy I have ever heard of.

Third, it is most probably the layout issue, as already mentioned in above post.


Thank you for the funniest thing I've read on teh intarwebs today. I would say, "so far today " but I don't think anything else--not even by a Windows user--will top this post today.

Thank you!


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