Secure boot bypassing on a school computer

So I have a school computer that has secure boot enabled and refuses to boot the normal installation of garuda but i have the ventoy live installation working fine. I’ve been reading articles about arch to sign the install but I dont really understand how it works and some assistance would be nice. I cannot disable secure boot as i dotn have the password to do so.

Ask for the password in school, ask why they do not allowed to install other OS.


I’m afraid you’ll definitely need to disable secure boot to install Garuda.
Then you can go back to secure boot and follow this (quite complex) process:
I think it might be easier to use Refind, which should have a simpler process:


I read articles about Arch
Respect! I like you already :slight_smile:

And yes, do what @filo says and don’t listen to @SGS. Don’t let any security measures stop you :grin:

Another little tip: BIOS reset (but it doesn’t work on all mobos). But you’ll find a way, don’t let any setbacks stop you! :wink:

EDIT: I forgot the most important thing: you can also install kali-linux on this rig…that makes school lessons much more fun :+1:

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As long as he doesn’t destroy someone else’s property, he can do whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned.

Is it a computer for school or the computer you got from school?
Sorry, my English is very bad :smiley:


Is this your computer or the school’s computer? If it’s not yours, why are you trying to mess with it? The school’s property is not yours, and you have no authority to tamper with equipment that is not yours. You want to listen to some else’s bad advice? Remember, anyone telling you to mess with property that does not belong to you will not suffer any consequences, you will.


How about instead of trying to install the OS on it, you use one of the distros that’s designed to just work on a live USB that can remember things from the last time you used it? eg. TailsOS, Sugar on a Stick Fedora Linux :wink:

It’s a win-win that way - you get your Linux, and the school keeps its computer working as usual for other students.


I just wanted to say your English is great homie (friend). I wouldn’t have known you’re not a native speaker except for your country badge and you stating that. During covid a lot of schools let kids take home their chromebooks and gave them internet peripherals so they could get free internet if they needed it. In America, unfortunately, many children rely on a school’s “free lunch” given to kids who’s parents income meets an eligibility requirement to eat, a lot of kids are hungry over the weekend. many of their parents are single parents, drug addicts, or just also below the poverty line. Lol, sometimes, there is a situation like me, where it’s all three. I’m not saying OP is like that but i kno d*** sure enough I would be playing around with MY school issued computer. Haha, Ipads were just coming out when I graduated. Good luck OP! MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR PRE-BOOT DRIVERS AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT YOU MIGHT ACCIDENTALLY DELETE. and thank you Mod, you’re english sounds better than mine.


It’s not yours too change. You’re only “borrowing” it technically from what I can tell. If you have to give it back later, you should not be messing with it as you do need to return it in the condition issued.

If it’s actually your computer, then they need to give you three password to your own property.

If it’ll let you boot off of other drives, as noted, I’d install on a separate drive and just use that


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