Secondary hard drive is in Read Only mode / Can't delete or create files in secondary hard drive

Ok so whenever I tried to delete or modify any file in my HDD, it didn't work, because the drive was in Read only mode.

So I opened my Partition Manager.
Unmounted the drive.
Opened the fstab file at /etc folder.
Disabled the line having the drive name (/dev/sdb1) by adding a # infront of it.
Saved the fstab file.
Remounted the drive from my Partition Manager.
And now i could modify the files in it.

(I'm not a linux expert, but this method worked somehow. Might be a fluke, but it's a thing. So I wanted to share it. Thanks.)

Just use chown (change owner) in terminal or use gnome-disk-utility.

It sounds like your fstab entry is wrongly set. What filesystem is the HDD?

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