Searx seems to be down

It seems to be working fine now.

Perhaps it was only temporarily down.

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There seems to be a problem with ‘Cloudflare’. It stays in a turn style loop. Error code: 600010.

Hmm, no it is still working fine over here.

Searx in particular is reporting zero downtime today:

It seems to be an error on your end:

Try clearing browser cache, deleting cookies, disable browser extensions that may be blocking scripts or cookies, or try another browser.

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Not sure. Tried all the above. I don’t have a problem using Searx on a Mac, so what ever it is, it’s beyond me. I’ll use DuckDuckgo in the meantime.
Thanks all.

What I can tell folks is that it has something to do with the last update of the Brave Browser. I have no problem using Chromium. So whatever happened, has to do with that. I might just remove and re-install Brave and see what happens.

Maybe the Brave Shields settings have something to do with it. Have you tried disabling shields for SearX? I have the shields set to aggressive, and even have uBlock Lite running on top of that. No issues here.
Works perfectly fine for me

My Brave version is the following:

I believe it. I reinstalled, turned everything off and still no change to the ‘Cloudflare’ problem. Don’t know.

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Well, until you figure out the problem, you don’t have to use DDG. Them being in bed with Microsoft bears a bad taste in my mouth. You can use Brave Search in the meantime. I alternate with Brave Search, SearX, and Whoogle (when it’s up). You can go to and you can set it as a default search too in the browser. Works great for me 99% of the time. If Whoogle had more uptime I’d just use it. :sweat_smile:



Not sure how I forgot about this. I think I assumed it had to be hosted on an actual server and I still haven’t built one of those yet. Downloading and digging in now!

Just on your PC/Notebook

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

sudo systemctl enable --now whoogle

sudo chown -R whoogle:whoogle /opt/whoogle-search/

systemctl status whoogle




Not to forget the original Searxng. That’s what I’m using now. That’s what the Garuda Searx is based on.

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