SDDM to LightDM in KDE Plasma

Is it ok to switch the display manager from LightDM to SDDM in KDE Plasma

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It is already SDDM, I think.

But anyway, switching DM doesn't generally cause issues.


But switching DM - especially to something like SDDM or GDM if you aren't using the DE they are built for can bring a lot of dependencies.

You are fine because SDDM is Plasma's default DM but if for some reason you want to switch to GDM you'll end up installing half of GNOME.

Also not every DM supports wayland session's. LXDM (LXDE'S DM does NOT support wayland sessions)

Some DE's have a dependency on the DM to function - for example GNOME's screen-locking and saving ability uses GDM so if you use LightDM there you'll lose those features.

Most DM's are also only configurable easily through the DE's setting's. SDDM will look pretty bad in anything expect Plasma - especially since SDDM's themes are picked and chosen those KDE's Plasma's System Setting's.

For a graphical full DM that is independent of any DE and then LightDM is the only one.

Sorry! Probably not helpful! But just in case :wink:


Yeah I was worried of that only, whether KDE depends on SDDM for some functions

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Yup KDE already uses SDDM.
I have tried to use LightDM with KDE before on another distro but had some problems namely that screen locking doesn't work and it throwed me into a screen with a wallpaper and nothing else. I had to do a cold reboot to get back into the PC after that.


Yeah, I tried using LightDM, by following these steps:

  1. sudo systemctl enable lightdm.service --force
  2. systemctl eanble lightdm-plymouth.service --force
  3. systemctl disable sddm

But on reboot, got an error: failed to start light display manager, and I wasn't even able to reach the tty
I had to restore a snapshot.

So, I think, it is better to use KDE with SDDM only

Btw, why do you want to use Lightdm? I am a bit curious.
Also, I am sure that you're doing something wrong. Because years back, I tried a lot of display Managers on KDE, including Lightdm and GDM and one or two more successfully and sugardm that wasn't very successful at that time.


Because of the SDDM bug.

That's rediculous reasoning.

SDDM is intended to be used with KDE.


I just wanted to use: GitHub - manilarome/lightdm-webkit2-theme-glorious: A sleek, modern and glorified LightDM webkit2 theme
May I should simply install an XFCE distro, I anyway wanted to try it

If someone can help me figure this out in KDE, it would be great.


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