Screen Freeze after 10min in live boot on Garuda KDE Dr460nized

Laptop specifications are
Processor :- Intel(R) Pentium (R) CPU [email protected]
Ram:- 4gb
Storage:-500gb HDD
Graphics card:- Intel(R) HD Graphics 405
OS:- Windows 10 Home Single Language
Open GL:- 4.4

I had made a bootable pendrive using ventoy for Garuda KDE Dr460nized and booted the laptop to pendrive and started installation of Garuda but after 10 min the screen froze and i can't do anything or opening anything had to force reboot but after the reboot the installation process started again is there a solution to fix this screen freeze issues. I was able to open and close settings and other things and started installation but after 10min the screen freezes every time. I don't think I can provide logs as it is in live boot i think.I haven't installed linux before tried I also tried fedora in live boot same screen freeze issues was there same with chromeos flex.

Hi there, welcome to the forum!
These specs are a bit weak for Garuda KDE Dr460nized honestly.
We set the minimum RAM to 4GB, but you should consider that a part of it is taken by the GPU.
Furthermore, the CPU does not help...
In my opinion you should consider a lighter edition.
Maybe you could just try downloading, burining and launching a few of the others (Ventoy is great for that) and try the installation process.


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