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Hey! Basically I installed Garuda KDE version onto my laptop and in the energy settings ( I was just messing with them) I turned the screen bright slider all the way to minimum and clicked apply. The screen is entirely black like it's not turned. Is there a keybind in Garuda to turn up the brightness?

If TTY is usable you may get brightness, if you know the name (for amd is amdgpu_bl0, general is acpi_video0

sudo bash -c 'echo 200 > /sys/class/backlight/amdgpu_bl0/brightness'
sudo bash -c 'echo 200 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness'

Thanks for the reply! I tried looking up what TTY is since I'm still newish to linux and I found some keybinds to open the TTY console ( dont even know if this is what you're talking about) but it didn't show up anything.

There should be "brightness" keys on your laptop keyboard already, normally on the Function key row, or possibly on the cursor keys.

This is no different to whatever operating system you were using before.


They don't work with Garuda Linux, thanks though. ( I had just finished installing the OS and was in the middle of updating it when i did this btw )

They don't work by default, but I'm sure they can be made to work if you pass the kernel the correct options.

Have a search of the Arch wiki for your laptop model.


The [FN + F11 or F12] keys work for me to adjust brightness. That part is good.

However, if I bring the brightness ALL the way down to minimum, then the screen goes black, and [Fn + F12] won't bring it back up. I have to put the computer to Sleep (hotkeys or close lid) and the wake it back up in order to get the brightness back. Weird.

Any ideas about that? Bug?

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