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Hello all! My name is Dirtmerchant and I'm new (Not) to the community. I've been using Garuda linux on my dell latitude E5450 laptop for almost a year now and other than some teething issues with Optimus support and (still) not entirely sure I'm getting the full power out of my machine's discreet graphics end of things, I am permanently part of the Garuda clan.

I've been dabbling with linux for a couple years now... I was shy to it years ago when launchpad was still shipping physical ubuntu discs & stickers. That being said, out of pure random chance did I ever stumble on garuda linux and it looked abstractly different from the rest..

That combined with the different philosophy of memory management.. and I was hooked I had to try it.. Fast forward to today and I decided enough was enough that I needed to join the Forum and become an active member of the community, I'm sure every bit helps with the development of of this wonderful distro..

I'm from Canada too just like TBG and I want to say I'm here to stay and give my full support... perhaps as I tackle and learn the more complicated intricacies of the graphical subsystem of garuda linux that I can contribute in that area to make it a more seamless experience out of the box, which it already is.

I'm just saying hello and I am tickled with what you guys are doing here with this linux distro, it's rock solid on my machine and I don't have a very common dell laptop so that says a lot. The BTRFS file system... though reads out new and sketchy on paper inthat it isn't established and hasn't been around for 30 years, it speaks volumes what it does on a properly configured system. I have an older 256gb samsung SSD drive thats probably one of the first generation SSD's and honestly have never complained or wanted or needed more from the bandwidth I get on my file system. Again, applauds and congrats, you guys have something special here and I believe garuda should be right up beside MX Linux on the top 20 list on distrowatch some day.

Cheers from Canada! (Nova Scotia)


Not that it matters, but we are at number three of the Arch based distributions :slight_smile:

If you want to change this, click on




Welcome to the forum, that's pretty nice and helpful to have another helping hand for issues broad on the Garuda forum :smiley:

Thick WELCOME and have a nice time! o/

Bruce :shark:


Welcome! :grinning:

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Greetings from Europe

Doesn't the Latitude 5450 just have an Intel-CPU and no discreet graphics?


Welcome friend! Hope you all the best.

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Welcome from the left coast of Canada. It's always nice to see more fellow Canucks joining the Garuda forum.

Nice to see you here, and welcome to the Garuda community. :wave: