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Hello, is there a way I can save a custom theme to the appearance settings? I keep accidentally messing up the taskbar and have to restore it using "breeze Dark" which resets my settings for pinned item and hidden icons.

go to plasma widget and search plasma configsaver . This widget will allow you to save your appearance setting.

can you send pic what issue are you facing.

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What is the "plasma widget?"

Right click on desktop ---> go to add widget --> get new plasma widget

I am not seeing it in the list, so I will have to send screenshots when I have garuda a little more set up.... I am currently going between 2 PCs, the garuda experiment and my main PC

You can install it (or download and install later) also from here.

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IDKY but that isn't working for me... I tried to install it and download and add it manually and it isn't showing up as an option.

As for screenshot: The toolbar is how I want it, but if I accidentally mess it up I have to revert to Breeze dark. I tried the KDE Global theme explorer to save the toolbar and desktop as a theme, but it didn't work, it doesn't keep the correct pinned items and it doesnt keep the notif area how I want.

Right click on desktop, add widget, filter for your widget and when you see it drag it on the panel or desktop

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This is all it shows when I try to serach for it, and I don't see it when I manually scroll either

have you tried different search queries?

yes, and as I said, I have even manually scrolled to try and find it.

press Alt + spacebar
A searchbox will appear
type 'octopi' and open it (or u can use 'Add/Remove software also)
in octopi, search "ocs-url" and install it
Now go to above link and iclick on install . you will download the plasma configsaver.
Boom !
you will see this widget in your widget section
You will see this widget

Its in the chaotic-aur, do not use pamac or octopi, just use pacman

sudo pacman -Syu ocs-url

I did this, and then did:

and nyow it finally works!
(Above mentioned link:

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