Samba-support clobbers smb.conf - MR incoming


I noticed in samba-support package, it doesn't handle backing up /etc/samba/smb.conf so I'm working on an update to incorporate that to prevent clobbering someone's own updates. I checked it out prior, no smb.conf is created for samba itself upon installation, it's only just samba-support.

If someone makes local changes to their smb.conf either before or after installing this, then at least they can do their due diligence of maintaining it from .pacsave and .pacnew accordingly.


Merge Request:

A quick note as well, while this is being looked at. I noticed that printing-support requires this samba-support as a hard required dependency, and I'm not really sure why this is. Anyone know, or can I update that as well to make it an optional dependency?

Hmm, I'd even argue that hplip could be an optional dependency as well, since not everyone has an HP Printer. (I used to, but moved to the better choice, Brother). :slight_smile:

For some reason I can't reply to you @LibreWish. But no, this is for samba-support, not scanner-support, and re-doing it as scanner-support makes no sense. :slight_smile:


Is it scanner support or samba support ?

If it is samba support then please make a Mr and rename it to scanner support

And a curious question. Why was this moved from Issues to Feedback/Requests?

Likely because it's feedback and a request to change things :yum: although it would also fit into development imo :slight_smile:

Thanks. And yeah, I was unable to reply to anything here, as a result of it's move. :slight_smile:

Also too, though, I can't (yet?) post into Development at all. hehe

Anyway, to follow up, printer-support has a depends line for samba-support as well as hplip, which I can understand these possible needs, but not as absolute hard needs.

I'm wondering if these two should be moved to optional dependencies, instead, so that a user can optionally choose to include them if need-be, rather than be forced to. Especially the samba-support one which itself adds a whole configuration to smb which one may or may not even need, just to print.

Aaah, I see. We decided to increase the trust level required to post into development to stop cluttering the category. TL increases automatically by posting, so "yet" might be accurate :wink:

I agree on the samba-support, hplib however sounds like it's generally required for HP printers which is why it should stay imo.

It is required for HP branded printers, yes. But, as mentioned, not everyone has an HP printer. For most modern Brother printers you can get away, technically, without ever even installing a driver with "driverless printing", basically automagic PDF delivery. HP Is still not on that bandwagon for the most part.

But, even still. It's printer-support. Not printer-drivers. It is just one of the few printer drivers that are actually included in Arch's own repos. brother-* has a lot of drivers for the non-driverless form (which gives slightly more options to the printer dialog options), but are all quite literally in AUR only.

So, yeah, it's a curious thought, and there is of course the compromise of keeping it there, just for ease of use for the select people whom do have the (unfortunate?) need for HP's drivers for their printers. I'm okay either way. I think it would be better as an optional only because it technically is optional, but I'd not be with issue of it being kept in either way. I just would never use it.

I suppose the intention of this package is One-Package-4-All :slightly_smiling_face: , which does not look bad to me. Let’s find other bloat to get rid of :joy: .

I'm not necessarily looking at bloat, but what makes sense, and what does not, and discussing it, as well. For printing to Windows-attached printers, all we really need is samba, and not all of samba-support, specifically. And the only reason we need that is because of /usr/bin/smbspool is provided by samba.
One shouldn't need to have samba fully configured with home directories, local printers, and even usershare enabled fully, just for printer support, which is where I'm aiming this at. hplip provides a printer driver, samba-support itself does a whole lot more than just provide samba, and it's not essentially all needed.
It is like using a sledge hammer when all you need is a tack/trim hammer.

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