Running Wayland on GDG (Garuda dragonized Gaming)

As mentioned in the testing thread I just installed the 230922 ISO for GD Gaming. The only thing I’ve done is the initial install and setup wizard. Since I have a fully setup GD I want to take the fresh install and do it with Wayland instead of x11. I noticed that plasma-wayland-session was installed before I switch it to wayland is there anything else I should be adding or switching? Thanks

I’l add things here as I run into as I run across them here. Worth mentioning for those that don’t know it is previous session not being restored. It’s been on KDE’s show stopper list and expected to be fixed before 6.0 drops. Dragging items to docks doesn’t seem to work if the docks are set to auto-hide. I tried several times with both my bottom dock and dock on the left of the screen. Odd popup about a app being sent to the systray that comes up on every login or reboot that doesn’t come up under x11.

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Missed this post until now. I’d add the following to /etc/environment:


Otherwise Firefox-based browsers and Thunderbird won’t use Wayland. Also check whether qt5-wayland is installed, not sure whether this is on our package list already. The following to /etc/environment as well:


That should be the most important.


when typing on the desktop and one has Kwin set to launch from the top of the screen for some reason the top panel drops down and overlaps it. If one waits a couple of seconds the panel will normally autohide again.

No matter which version of pamac is installed it’s tray icon will not show in the systray (either shown or hidden) even though under Configure System Tray you set it to be always shown.

Hi @Locutus :slight_smile:

I love it short, but I’m thinking about it right now.

Running Wayland on DG. DG means dragonized?
GD means Garuda dragonized?
Or did you mistype the title?

Abbreviations make life easier, if you know them, but for the forum search (which only works for three letters or more) and me it would be nice if you explained them à la “Garuda dragonized (GD)”. :slight_smile:

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Forgot to correct the title when I edited the first post.

One more thing I notice is that last set of tabs I left open in Dolphin are not the ones loaded when Dolphin is launched. I have a desktop just for Dolphin and a couple of other apps. I normally keep a window with TV Series and a window with Shortcuts, Torrents, Movies To Watch, and Last Night’s. open Under x11 if I close TV Series and then close the Dolphin window with the 4 tabs and then relaunch Dolphin the window with the 4 tabs reopens. Not the case under Wayland the window with the single tab opens instead.


Some icon when using Icon Only Taskbar like to overlap and start blinking in and out.

Had a issue with Emby and went to make a report on their forums after saving logs and a screenshot to the desktop. When I went to drag and copy from the desktop to my post in their forums I ended up having to toggle the desktop from Folder View to Desktop and back again before the files would show on the desktop.

Toggling the desktop from folder view to desktop view and back again seems to have to be done after a logoff or a reboot, cause I just had to do it again to see a file I just saved to the desktop.

Update: Other than the above mentioned glitches been running Wayland as default and seems far better than it was just few months back.

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