Running a 5 wepapp on a different version than 5.0.0

Hello everyone,
I am currently trying to run a Core 5 application as well as class libraries in netstandard2.1 (with nuget packages "System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement").
From my current understanding (backwards compatibility) it should be perfectly okay to run my app and libraries using the currently latest version (5.0.4).

Now let's get to the fun stuff:

  • Console Applications run like a charm, same goes for xUnit Projects.
  • The above mentioned nuget package in said class library just gives me back a 'System.PlatfromNotSupportedException'.
  • The main application doesn't even want to build, as it states that dotnet version 5.0.0 cannot be found. This is correct, because only 5.0.4 is installed.

Things I have tried already:

  • Installing the exact version dotnet asks for using "pacman -S "dotnet-sdk-bin=5.0.0"" => cannot find the version
  • using a global.json file with various versions (5.0.0, 5.0.4, even current preview 6.0.2-*)

Thank you already for your support.




I have exactly that package installed.

The problem still persists...
I presume this is a problem of dotnet, not Linux.

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