Run live session from RAM

I am currently in the position, to use a laptop for a while, without altering its hard drive.

I know, there are other ways - installing on an external device, obviously - and I really like the way I do it now.

So I thought I share it, and it might inspire some, and eventually even finds its way into the distribution.

First, hit the line directly under the default "Boot with proprietary Nvidia drivers"

You will be prompted to a new menu, that lets you enter something.

Respect, that this is not the keyboard layout you might have choosen in the menu before, its some kind of US keyboard, so take care while you are typing.

Enter copytoram and hit Enter.

This will increase speed and also stability in live mode, plus it gives you the ability to just pull out the usb stick, after you have booted.

You could theoretically even install to that boot media.

Now go into KDE and change the settings under the term 'Energy Saving'

Change all, that sends your device to sleep. This could otherwise ruin your session.

Also upgrading could do so, since it needs a reboot, so using an up to date ISO helps, otherwise is it recommended to use binary files, like AppImages.

I am currently working on an alternative, that bootstraps Garuda into a nspawn container, wait for this :wink:

So, the Garuda developers could set other settings, especially for the energy savings in live mode.

Live mode and installed sessions have two different layers when creating the ISO.

Is there a single good reason, to send live sessions into sleep?

Can we change that, if not?
Would make for a more stable experience.

Copy to RAM may take a long time to boot on certain computers or USBs. Also Garuda is already a RAM hog and has larger images than most other distros. Adding it as an option is nice but not as default.

KDE Plasma shouldn't suspend PC if it is plugged in. On battery it is good practice to go to sleep.


No and yes. Go ahead and make a merge request to iso-profiles :stuck_out_tongue:


I was talking about an option. Although, now I am thinking, we could actually detect the RAM speed and capacity and decide based on that?

It really doesnt take long on my G3 Elitebook

Did you ever brought a sleeping live session back to live?

I did not try this anymore for a long time, since my early attempts almost always went bad.

You mean just the sleep setting, I assume.

Do you think using copytoram on capable machines by default makes sense?

Lets say, we make 8GB and certain ram speeds nessecary, doesn't it sound sane, to make that default?

Yes but not on Garuda.

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