Rufus problem ISOHybrid image detected

hi Garuda users

I don't know why, but I can't download Garuda. Rufus gives me the error "ISOHybrid image detected". Is there a solution for this? because when i continue the process the disk is deleted.

here is error Screenshot by Lightshot

Have you tried other flashing software? Works like a charm in balenaEtcher on all platforms for me.

Check the md5sum?

I don't know exactly what my md5sum is. I tried balenaEtcher again my disk was deleted

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I get the same error (and it hasn't been exclusive to Garuda) and it works just fine.

I would download the latest version of Rufus (3.20).

Also, why is your .iso selection 'Syslinux 4.07' instead of something like 'garuda-dr460nized-linux....iso'?

IDK what you mean


Use download page.


My response was to the OP and their provided screenshot, not to you.

This is not an error, it just indicates the disk file has to be copied byte by byte.


So was the one you are addressing.


You can find the checksum on the download page:

Included a reference just in case. If you're on windows, you can use WSL.

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Negative. You're telling me the below response was to the OP and not my initial reply? Maybe you should re-read the thread before you give me a thumbs down. My question about the .iso not being correct in the screenshot was obviously for @BGN

But at this point it's been solved for the OP so none of it matters.

I was explaining that you did not appear to know who you were addressing. I guess I can forgive you if English isn't your native language--this is an international distribution and forum in nature. But if it is then please learn something about sentence structure and forum etiquette. You misread another user's helpful reply post and replied very rudely. Tsk, tsk.

In the grand scheme of things, none of us are very important...including you...and me. Lighten up while you still can.

Else go away and leave me along. Ya bother me, kid.
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Honestly, I read your last sentence first and couldn't care less what the rest of your post said.

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Okey doke, thank you very much for the compliment, kiddo. You made a great, warm & friendly entry here, yourself. All in only one topic!

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