RTX 4080 Super

So it would seem that the current driver (545) in Garuda doesn’t recognise the 4080 Super, and I can’t install the beta 550 driver because there is a Garuda package depending on the older version of the NVIDIA driver.

What is the deal to get the 4080 Super working on Garuda right now?


Specifically it is garuda-nvidia-config that prevents me installing the 550 driver. Do I need to care about that package at all?

It appears to be just a couple of conf files I can manually recreate.

Ok so I’ve got a finger pointing upwards now…what does that mean?

The finger was probably pointing at the assistance request rules that require posting of the user output of garuda-inxi so that you can be assisted?*

*(Look me up in the classic Reader’s Digest story, “I am SGS’ Mind Reader.”) :wink:


That is totally unnecessary because an inxi output won’t tell him anything for this particular problem, it just wastes my time and fills everyones screens with crap.