RTL8822CE - Wifi Network Issue

Hi there @krazybeastx.

According to your garuda-inxi output you are using the following driver:

If I am not mistaken, this is the in-kernal driver that has a reputation for being very problematic.

With the RTL8822CE WiFi adapter, the following driver is generally recommended:


To install the rtw88-dkms-git driver issue the following command:

sudo  pacman -Syu rtw88-dkms-git

Install the recommended driver from the terminal and please post the terminal output from the driver installation. After the driver installation is completed and you have posted the output on the forum, reboot.

Further steps may be required to get the rtw88-dkms-git driver working correctly. You may have to create a driver options configuration file or possibly add a kernel parameter. For full details see:

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