Right alt key not working on HP laptop

I have an HP 14q series laptop. It has two alt keys, one on each side of the spacebar. The one to the left works as expected, but the one on the right does not seem to work. The key works on Windows (I have dual booted Garuda) and it used to work on Kubuntu (which I had dual booted before Garuda). Changing the keyboard layout or the model does not work. Is there any fix for this?

Well, most of times, right alt is used as 3rd level key. You can easily search any search engine to disable 3rd level key on your DE, as you didn't provide suffice information to help.


Thanks, just that term '3rd level key' helped me find the solution. It is in Settings > Input Devices > Keyboard > Advanced > Key to choose the 3rd level > Right Alt never chooses 3rd level.


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