ReTask 3.5mm LIne-in


I'm new to Garuda LInux, had been using Linux Mint for a number of years until fairly recently. On Mint I had the ability to install HDA Jack Retask, and was able to reassign the line-in port on my motherboard (msi x470 gaming plus max) to the side out channel. This is actually what the manual tells you to do, though they expect you to be running windows. I hate windows, love linux, but not familiar enough with Garuda to go about doing that. So this is me asking for guidance.

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That's included in alsa-tools now a days from what I hear (most likely should be already in your Garuda install as it is in mine). Should be able to run hdajackretask in terminal.


Thank you very much. I never would have known that. Always assumed it was a separate program. Worked like a charm.

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