Restore wallpapers

Is there a way to restore the default wallpapers of the KDE garuda desktop. I deleted the wallpaper folder and now i am trying to manually add the /usr/share/wallpaper and copy my wallpapers to this folder. When i try to change the background, i see all the wallpapers but when i select one this woun't showon my desktop.

I had that issue 2 days ago of wallpapers not showing while I was able to select them.
I rebooted and it was fine, luckily for me. Did you try that?

You could also switch between DESKTOP view and FOLDER view just to see it that resets it.

Yes I did, and I still could not change the wallpapers.

Maybe trying with the wallpapers located somehere in your user home folders?

One other thing: is the owner/group and permissions in /usr/share/wallpapers the correct ones?
I'd have to check what they are if you need the info, lemme know.

I removed the folder again and downloadeda walllpaper with the KDE GUI. It made a new folder in ~/.local/share/wallpapers.
When I copy my wallpapers one at a time I can select the wallpaper. When i try to copy more files I get the same problem that i can't select them. In the KDE GUI these files all have the same name.

What? They all show the same name when you right-click desktop and select Configure Desktop, then you see the list of wallpapers and they all have the same name?

What the fsck :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Very strange indeed. :roll_eyes:

What about not copying the wallpapers, after you download them, and try to select them from ~/.local/share/wallpapers using the Lägg till bild ("Add image", sorry for my translation) button at the bottom right of your screenshot (we don't see it)?

Can you them browse and select them and apply them?

That's not going to fix the image names being shared, but at least if it allows you to select your wallpaper that would be a start.

How are you performing the copy operation, in the terminal, or by using dolphins root actions menu?

That also works, but there you can also select on wallpaper at a time.

I tried with the terminal and with dolphin.

Please provide the command(s) you used in the terminal and the output if there was any.

Place three of these symbols "~" before and after any code for proper formatting.

I think i used the following command:

sudo cp -r . /usr/share/wallpapers

If you are using sudo to copy from root to your $HOME the copied files will have root ownership. Did you try resetting the permissions to your user and then renaming the files.

I tried to copy from home to root.
The folder /usr/share/wallpapers needed root privileges.

Sorry need more coffee, I thought you were copying the other direction. Too early still. :sleeping:

On the positive side the new wallpaper folder doesn't need root acces and now it is possible to copy files in dolphin to this folder. :wink: