Resize root partition post install

So I originally setup garuda to use my entire 500gb ssd (no seperate home partition) . However now I am finding myself wanting a seperate partition to format and passthrough to my vm for gaming. I checked some forum posts both here and official arch linux forums and I have some queries.

  1. Does it take a long time to do? (Source)
  2. Will I be able to format the new partition to ntfs for use with windows vm? All the posts I've read simply keep the same fs as before.
  3. Will a clean reinstall be better? I would like to avoid this if possible as I will have to setup my vm and vfio all over again.

I do not read posts from 2012-02-07 15:04:45 :slight_smile:

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Can't find anything recent either.

Just try yourself, please

Well, I hope you understand why, if you have posts moved by a mod, We've had to drastically alter the way we manage the forum with all the new users. We have tons of new users, but very little in the way of extra assistants, so we're having to take a very hard line on posts that are nothing to do with Garuda itself.

These types of posts will likely result in them being moved from the main forum to keep the main forum focused on solving difficult technical issues that really require assistance from the few support staff we have.


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