Resize partitions in Mac dual boot

Hi there,

I just installed Garuda in my iMac (late 2013) and it is working pretty good, along side MacOS (dual boot). For that reason, I've decided that I want to increase my Garuda partition by shrinking the MacOS one.

From what I have read, the way to go is using gparted from the garuda live USB (as mentioned here). Another option is using Mac's Disk Utility (as mentioned here).

I just would like to ask for advice on what is the best way to go in this case.

I can't image MacOS will even acknowledge a non-supported Garuda Btrfs filesystem. My guestimate is that resizing with your Mac could destroy your Garuda install.

If you boot the Garuda live image and use KDE Partition Manager, it shouldn't have any problem manipulating either partition.

Worst case scenario ... you have to reinstall Garuda after resizing the partitions.

Just the joy of a dual-boot!