Resist fingerprinting blocks the dark pdf mode in Firedragon

Don't know exactly where to put this so I'll put it here.
In Firedragon (which built off of firefox) there is a dark pdf reader mode. I've used it on firefox for a while and it generally matches your system theme. However, it did not work with firedragon on garuda.
I did some digging and found that the privacy.resistFingerprinting was to blame.

I don't know if this is reproducible on others' machines, but if you are getting a blinding white pdf reader when opening pdfs in firefox you can set privacy.resistFingerprinting to false.


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This value is actually a quite important one as it enables a lot of features:

Thanks for letting us know about this :slight_smile:


Perhaps a different pdf reader may help?

Which reader are you using?

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This is just the built pdf reader for firefox that is also used in firedragon.

ah I see, thank you!

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