Resetting Display Manager

Hey everyone! New to Garuda forum.
I use Garuda Dragonized
I recently wanted to try out the ly display manager because i thought it looked nice and though it would be fun to set it up. I got it working and have been using it for the past month. There are two issues that I have though:

  1. optimus-manager no longer works (even after prime-offload and prime-switch are used)
  2. it keeps asking for the kwallet password on login (even after adding auto_start force_run and password in the login config)
    My GPU is mobile 3060 and it is detected by the system and works but i cant switch into it by itself anymore

I was wondering if there is a way to reset the sddm display manager for garuda cause i couldn't find that in the assistant.
also probably the dumbest mistake i did was to get ly set up I had to delete the previous display-manager.service to set the new one and I forgot to save a back up. so being able to reset sddm would make my life easier.

Have you tried reinstalling the sddm package?
Before that, remove the other DM, because I don't think this will be done at sddm installation.
After sddm is working, Copy there files (if they were removed):

Further info for sddm in Arch wiki:
If reinstalling sddm is not enough (due to the previous changes in the service), you could give a look also here:


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