Required Really?

When I triued to fix the screen flickering by replacing Kwin with Kwin-lowlatency it needed to remove Garuda-KDE-Settings. Now that I know Kwin wasn't the issue and restored it, I just went in to add back Garuda-KDE-Settings and was informed of the following requirements.

I get the colors, but not Another-Magic-Lamp when Magic-Lamp is working perfectly, and not anything for Latte dock including the dock when I already replaced it with KSmooth dock. Any way of avoiding / ignoring the bottom 5 in that list and still reinstall Garuda-KDE-Settings? Thanks

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Well they are dependency because our default look
Needs them

Well you can keep them installed it will only take some space
As for latte dock just disable autostart

May be I will remove them as deps from package

Since they already are included in iso profile


That’s true enough. More coffee my brain not working today if you had to tell me obvious. :man_facepalming:

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