Requesting recommendations for dual boot on new laptop with hybrid storage

I am currently planning on buying a new laptop. It has 256 Gigs SSD and 1 Tb HDD storage internally. i currently use a laptop with 512 GB SSD with dual boot partitions for Windows and Linux and one common partition. My question is , should i install linux on the SSD or the HDD drive on it?
Because i will be planning to use it as a main OS (With WIndows for programs and games i cant run on linux yet). I would like to keep both the OS' installed in SSD but then i would not have any real storage to install programs. I am an engineering student and hence i would need some hefty programs on both the OS'. Any suggestions or recommendations for installing the OS' or a way to install the programs on linux on HDD are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

I would say, install both os on ssd, and equally distribute the storage space between 2. However hefty the software be, 128 GB would be enough storage to install all of them. Generally, matlab is considered to be most hefty and resource consuming program for engineering students (CSE). And matlab requires around 5 GB of disk storage at most. So, imo, even 100gb would be more than enough for Linux partition.

But I have no idea about ms.


MS I would give no less than 128 gigs to. Typically in the past when I've had it installed it's install base was twice what my Linux base was even though I had all the same types of apps in each. My personal rule of thumb is to allow double the space for Windows than I do Linux.

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You have a 1TB HDD - you have plenty of storage.


I think what @NoobLinux is asking is that, since the way Linux installs program is architecturally different from how Windows installs programs, they're asking what mount point(s) they should use on the 1TB HDD so as to be able to take advantage of that larger capacity storage for software.

I'm not terribly versed with Arch/Garuda yet (and only passably familiar with Linux in general), so I'm not entirely sure where new software's installed. I surmise that /opt and prob /var should be mounted on the 1TB HDD as that's likely where most new software will be installed. Does this make sense?

Edit: I'd also recommend mounting /home on the 1TB HDD.

I guess since i dont necessarily have to install windows apps on its partition , i can install them on HDD. thus freeing up space on windows partition.


I will try that and see if it works.. Thanks

Makes sense. Thanks

"you can have the cake and eat it too".

install both OS on sdd.
then use your 1TB disk with bcache ( Bcache - ArchWiki ). you will notice a huge, really huge speedup on the 1TB disk ( it will almost feel like its ssd :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I do this on my nvme and hdd disk.

Just be sure to give a good enough size of cache partition.

( on windows you can do this too with some software, but they are payed. I know that primocache works very very well )


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