Request for Garuda KDE Dr460nized ISO with Linux LTS kernel

Have been failing to get an eGPU (NVIDIA drivers) to function on
Alienware M15 laptop.

Have scoured several (6+) posts on NVIDIA drivers, kernels, etc.
Following their instructions.

So far nothing yields full functionality.
One post did indicate that utilizing LTS kernel resolved their issues.

Have tried various means of installing proper drivers and switching current installation to LTS. Only hangs result.

If its possible / not too much trouble.
Requesting Garuda KDE Dr460nized ISO with Linux LTS kernel as the default to tinker with.

Note: in the meantime, will be trying Xfce - as a Garuda member mentioned somewhere that is has LTS by default. Dr460nized is my just my preferred installation.

No problem if not,
and many thanks for the excellent distro (has been my work-main on another PC [also NVIDIA] for months -- absolutely superior to any other OS I've tried (many!))


Does the iso going to be update at every release ? Love the idea to have a lts iso. I personaly run on lts kernel

Garuda is rolling your garuda will always be the latest just update

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Not planning to, this was an on demand build only :slight_smile:

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Yes you true, thx for the reminder :wink:
@dr460nf1r3 Ok no problem :wink:

Can you make the link aviable again (404) ? LTS have disappear from

I woud like to save it, and upgrade like @mandog say ^^

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