Reply limitations?

you guys should have a chat room, i just got stopped from conversing with someone. and to be honest, i can't stand that. Guess I'll have to give 1 liners as answers. womp womp
but anyways, realy digging this distro been an arch guy for a good while. Made Garuda my new home. :grin: was also going to share my screen cap but... again. more restrictions., kinda feels like Microsoft.
thanks, and yeah, I see your point, I have a tendency to get excited and being in a terminal most the time I hit enter a lot. Force of habbit I guess. I'm not trying to be an annoyance. More just passionate about linux and most chat rooms/forums end up giving me the boot within 10 comments.. Anyways. Cool distro. Timeshift failed horribly and is stuck in recovery mode, for the life of me I cannot find where it's configed for that. But other than that, I like it. And not a novice so I can show others how to do some pretty cool stuff, besides pen testing my other linux passion is theming. That's the thing. Your rules won't allow me to post until 23hrs more. womp womp

This is a forum and not a chat, things work a bit differently here. Posting multiple sentences in different, subsequent posts is considered bad manner and some people here cant stand this either :wink:
There have been many people complaining about things like this, mostly people which are used to Telegram or Reddit. I can understand that it can be difficult to adapt to something new - but in this case it helps keeping the forum cleaner, making it easier to find solutions / get help. :slight_smile:
As for screenshots - restrictions are in place for a good reason: most people who just joined like to post screenshots of error messages which is something we do not want: 1) cant easily copy-paste into search engines, 2) cant read very well most of the times and 3) the error message cant be found using the forum search. :thinking:
Anyway, its nice to see you enjoying Garuda, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Its a good idea to create a new thread with proper logs/system information using inxi for this issue so eventual bugs can be fixed :grin:


You mean like the Telegram channel? :wink:

Yup - that's a Discourse feature to prevent spammers from flooding the forum immediately after signing up.


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