Replacing MPC-HC + SVP + madVR on Linux

My transition to Linux went pretty so far. The hardest part was to port some of my applications to be cross-platform-compatible. They're now running on Linux. I've successfully installed 2 big modern games, one from Steam, and one the old-fashioned way via Lutris. Working beautifully (after a bunch of hassles). Many things I like better in Linux, like the Print Screen button experience.

Now... one thing that is still holding me back. In Windows, for videos, I use MPC-HC (powerful media player) + SVP (increase frame rate in real-time) + madVR (high-quality upscaling and rendering processing). Runs my GTX 2060 to the limit, but great quality. The options that come on Linux by default are crap. VLC is the "easiest" option but it's also not good for quality. It doesn't have the best decoders. VLC doesn't come anywhere close to my setup. MPC is a powerful media player with good optional upscaling filters but it's hard to setup and has no GUI.

So I'm asking you. What's my best options in Arch Linux to replace MPC-HC + SVP + madVR ? SVP does work cross-platform; it's a good media player and a good upscaler that I need. Probably some project based on MPV?

Just did a quick search and found this list, but before digging any deeper, I want to hear your feedback and recommendations.

I think these two searches may be helpful in your decision-making.

List of applications - ArchWiki and here