Replace Converseen with Converter?

I have given the above a good work out when converting PNG images to JXLs, and it did a much better job than Converseen.

Would it be possible to replace Converseen in the Garuda Setup Assistant with Converter?

I think it'd be good to add it alongside rather than replace. Converter appears to be intended more for single operations, whereas converseen is for batch operations.

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I have given Converter a good work out, and batch conversion is a simple drag and drop task.

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I would argue, that it's easiest to just use ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -i <file> <file>.<extension>

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I'm not a terminal user so ffmpeg -i <file> <file>.<extension> is not something I would remember. I prefer simple GUI programs which do a good job, and the drag and drop nature of Converter fits the bill perfectly.

I asked if it could be added to the Garuda Setup Assistant to help people like myself who are not fans of the terminal.