Renamed a file using dolphin and it disappeared

Need help file disappeared

So i wanted to perform some operations on a 7z archive. The file was on an external hdd and I mounted it using ntfs3g. Before mounting i just updated garuda using its assistant. I renamed the file using dolphin manager for ease of access in terminal. As soon as I pressed enter after inputting the new name the file just vanished. It vanished such that I can’t find it anywhere. I searched everywhete but can’t find it, not in hidden files, not in sub folders, I used the find and locate command to search for it but couldn’t find even on the whole drive, not in the trash bin not on the whole drive. I used arguments in find such as size and modified recently but no luck. The modified recently showed the folder where the file was but when I run it again in the folder it doesn’t show anything. That archive file is very important to me and I can’t afford losing it. Would really appreciate the help. Thank you.

Its inside the zip file.

Dual boot with M$?

Without garuda-inxi this request will be moved to 412 Precondition Failed


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