Remove Latte Panel at Top

I like a minimal interface and use Latte Dock at the bottom mostly.

How do I remove the Latte Panel at the top that comes with the Garuda KDE Plasma Ultimate install? I’ve been able to remove all Widgets on the panel. I honestly had no idea that you could create a panel with Latte.

I’ve scoured the settings and it’s completely eluding me.

I’m totally going to be creating a Rave post later after I get this completely set up. I’m falling in love with Garuda every time I boot it up.


What does it have as layout options. There should be a default as well as whatever Garuda is using atm. It’s like a theme.

I am not KDE professionell :wink: I would do this.
Right click on panel -> edit panel
then use 0 :wink:

But I think some KDE lover no a better way :smiley:

My solution was simply to remove Latte from autostsart and add KSmoothDock for the one side panel I like to have. I would of simply uninstalled it but it’s tied to something else I either need or wanted.

The question was
Remove Latte Panel at Top
not remove Latte and install something different. :wink:
but maybe he likes it or there is an easier solution.


It was a suggestion and noting more.

right click on latte dock top panel then click edit panel

then remove


Thank you. Obviously it worked.

I think it was a situation where I over complicated things and was afraid to lose the Latte Dock at the bottom.