Remove latte-dock-git?

whenever i try to update latte it telles me that latte-dock and latte-dock-git are in conflict should i remove latte-dock-git like it wants me to?

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How come you made it to have both installed???

There can only be one!


i dont know it just came like that after i reinstalled about 2 days ago

the reason im asking though is because garuda might be using the -git and i will have to reconfigure latte which i dont want to do

im trying to update it to see if it will fix the rearrangement problem

It is highly unlikely they were both introduced by default installation, or it's a bug to be reported.

umm whenever i hover over a program they become really big now

That's the default animation...they enlarge to something like 2x their size on hover.

well looks like im reinstalling again

yeah they grow by atleast 4x on my end

plus i cant rearange them anyway and reinstalling usually fixes it