Remove App Menu From Top?

How does one get rid of the app menu merging with the top bar when you maximize? Not sure how exactly to word it but im just looking for a normal experience when i maximize a window where it still shows the maximize, minimize, and close buttons.

Right now im using a normal KDE theme and have re-put the task bar on the bottom of the screen but everytime i maximize my windows the top bar of the window goes poof and i have to right click the application on the task bar and go to more and click maximize to get my top bar back.
Id upload a screenshot to show exactly what i mean but it wont let me.

Assuming you have KDE with Latte Dock. You can right click the top bar, click on configure latte, then by preferences uncheck "Support borderless maximized windows in different layouts". Hope this helps.


That worked perfectly. Thank you very much, it was getting annoying.

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