Remote system monitor?

I'm looking for some kind of graphical system monitor that I can use to monitor a different machine with. ie I want to game on my laptop or PC, and have the monitor running on my Steam Deck.

At the moment, I use SSH and htop, or similar, but I want something more visual, with easy to see graphs in real time.

The main aim is to watch for microstutters while gaming, and spikes in audio and networking, and see at a glance what else is happening at the same time, that could be the cause.

Plus, it'd be some nice geeky eye candy :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


Maybe try something like Netdata and access it via the PCs IP?


I already tried a few of the *top style ones, but they are no good for this. I really want something a bit like the graphs on Windows System Monitor, that I can see moving from the corner of my eye, no text. Stacer isn't right either. :-/

I'll have one of the *top clones running on the monitor in the living room server rack though. It intimidates guest lol.

Oooh, this looks like it could be perfect! Thanks :smiley:


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