Reinstall with LUKS & Snapshot?

Hello and Thank you for the great Distro :+1:

As I installed the system 16 month ago it does not work to do it with LUKS.

Now I want to try it again but if possible I will not loose all my configurations & settings. So I`m thinking about how to do it the best way. Is it possible (and how) to use the snapshots?

I’m not sure what issue you had sixteen months ago but it has always been possible to install with or without encryption.

You should make backups of whatever files you wish to save before you begin.

This question is not very clear. Can you describe more specifically what you want to accomplish with snapshots?

LUKS literally “just works” exactly as a regular installation. I’ve been using it extensively in the past.

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The idea with snapshot:

As we know, Garuda gives the possibility to rollback the system by using a selected snapshot to have the system in the former state.

So I think about how it is possible to

  1. make a snapshot from the used system,
  2. backup all data
  3. install garuda again on the same PC - now with LUKS
  4. “Import” former snapshot to have the same system as before.

The Question is, what Files and settings are necessary that this might work.

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