Reflector does not work!

Can someone help me use reflector simple to change the location of mirrors .

Or change the installed pamac application to manjaro pamac where you can change the mirrors location?

Have you evaluated different options, e.g. searching in the forum?
Our garuda-update script uses rate-mirrors, which we believe to be working great, even without configuring countries (the nearest mirrors are not necessarily the fastest ones). That should be the best option.
If you really need reflector (not reflector simple), you could configure it for countries as shown in some of the hits in the search above.
In that case, unless you want to change manually your garuda-update script (but this would be overwritten with updates) which uses reflector with a fixed config, if rate-mirrors is not installed, you could use the --skip-mirrorlist option (after configuring reflector for your needs, and launching it according to your needs, instead of at every garuda-update).


I just want to change the location of the mirrors . I toggle on any country in reflector simple . it doesn't work . it's stuck on united states .

Have you looked at mirrorlist? It's in /etc, just drill down to it.


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