rEFInd cannot detect my kernel images

The default boot loader is GRUB, but I want to install rEFInd because it can detect bootable usbs without me going to the bios and change anything. But when I install rEFInd, It cannot detect my kernel images, instead it just list out the grub.efi which I want to delete and uninstall grub since it is useless to me. I tried the solution to edit the /boot/efi/EFI/refind/refind.conf to add a kernel image entry, but that fails with "invalid boot loader" or something. I know this is a lot of words, and if you read till here, thanks for your patient, and thank you for your help.

In short, grub-btrfs is needed in Garuda restore timeshift-autosnap Universum. :slight_smile:

Refind dosnt find this snapshots. A new app in git use different path to find them but the app use snapper for backup.
In very short, you are on your own with refind.


You may use this for a personal workaround, if you don't delete grub

because it is not useless to your case.
Choose your poison.


OK, now I understands... But how can I make rEFInd to detect the kernel image? I think I will only boot into grub if something horrible happens. Before that, I think I will just use rEFInd to boot kernel image.

As far as I know, there is no EFI driver for btrfs available - I boot with rEFInd to grub just for Garuda. All the other distros I pick up vmlinuz-linux as appropriate (and mostly automatically with running refind-install once in one of them). I see the same thing with f2fs as well - so the alternative work-around for me is a separate /boot partition that can be read - but for Garuda it is worth keeping grub around for access to timeshift snaps. Disable os-prober, (enter GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true in /etc/default/grub) though - if you don't want to waste the time looking through the system for other bootables! rEFInd already has them, and boots them correctly :grin:


Ok thanks that is helpful. Thanks you all for your help. I will close this Issue.

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